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About Album "Wonder"

A collection of inspirational songs and sacred arias, Wonder features some of the trademark classical style orchestrations and powerhouse vocals Bluth is known for, while also marking a new milestone in Bluth's musical career - his first venture as a composer and arranger. "This project is really all my sister's fault. She convinced me to sing "Ave Maria" with her for our Mom and Dad one evening, and that was it. I knew right after our last note that I wanted to make this project. As I kept thinking about it, new musical ideas started coming. They kept arriving as time went on, until eventually, I started writing down melodies and harmonies as I heard them in my mind." The project also features collaborations with artists Aaron Ashton, Michael Dowdle, Kaitlynn Kleinman, and Bridget Petersen. "It was such a pleasure to make music with so many wonderfully talented artists. A team effort makes the creative process all the more gratifying."

About Album "Jordan Bluth"

"Soul stirring vocals and rich musical arrangements make this CD a "must have" for music lovers of all ages," says CD Baby – the premiere harbor for independent artists in the world. With its variety of song selections and diversity of orchestrations, Jordan Bluth boasts some of the best-loved songs of the tenor repertoire, from pop to Broadway and from jazz to opera. "I wanted to showcase a wide variety of style and musical feeling on my first project, and also to share the passion I have for music through some of the songs that helped me develop it."

About Album "Still"

Bring the spirit of Christmas in anew with a collection of contemporary Christmas songs featuring Bluth's stunning voice. Combined with powerful orchestrations by Rob Gardner and Michael McLean, Still brings new life to familiar songs and is sure to make your holidays merry and bright." Many of these Christmas songs are among my absolute favorites, of any genre! I feel honored to have such great orchestrations by Rob and Michael to lend my voice to as I take my opportunity to herald the reason for the Christmas season."